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Obras Internation is leading Wall Cladding suppliers in Dubai, provides all kind of cladding with supply and installation services. We are supplying Fiber Cement CladdingWood Cladding that can be used for both Internal and External applications. Wood Cladding and Fiber Cement Cladding panels are ideal for Wall Systems, Light Weight Facades, Ventilated, window elements, balcony boards, etc.

Fiber Cement cladding

We provide Fiber cement cladding materials and natural wood cladding for external and internal application. Fiber cement panel is a lightweight but durable material made of the mixture of concrete and fiber cellulose that provide different texture pigmented with varieties of colors. The best solution for Wall Cladding. We have a standard panel size of 1.25m x 2.5m and 1.25m x 3.0m, with different thickness available.

Wood cladding

Wood Cladding is a high-pressure laminate product with the solid core consisting of layers of craft paper and resins compressed in very high temperature and pressure which is maintenance free, humidity resistance, heat, and sandstorm protected. On top of the core, we used 100% natural wood veneer that provides each panel a  unique wood grain and tonality of the wood. Heavily used for Wall Cladding. We used special PVDF film on top of the veneer used to protect against UV radiation, crack and color fading. Wood Cladding is available in the standard panel size 1220mm x 2440mm with varieties thicknesses from 3mm to 22mm thickness. And the most common thickness used is 8mm and 10mm depends on what type of fixation require.

The wood cladding materials can also be used for internal application such as ceiling and wall cladding subdivided into 2 types, Dry Internal and Wet internal. Dry internal have a common composition of standard plywood suitable for Dry areas but with some layers of resins to protect against degradation of the core due to some moisture content present at the site. Wet Internal has the same resin core as for external façade and it applicable for wet areas like indoor swimming pool, a spa where there is high humidity environment.

Both cladding materials are mechanical fixation and ventilated façade Options for visible tainted screws/rivets fixation or concealed type and used for all wall cladding applications. We only do the supply but we do have homologated installers with years of cladding installation experience.


Cladding Applications

External Cladding
fiber cement facade
Internal Cladding
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Our interior range for walls and ceilings offers three main categories of technical natural wood panels, all of which require no specific maintenance apart from normal cleaning. Dry Internal is designed for environments subject to high levels of traffic and abrasion, such as museums, offices, hotels or institutional buildings. Wet Internal is highly water resistant, perfect for installing in moisture rich environments such as bathrooms, gyms, saunas and swimming pools.