Rounded Facades Perks

Rounded Facades Perks

Being nowadays unconventional in architecture is the ever-demanding trend especially in cities full of straight lines and harsh edges. In this sense, rounded facades for curved architecture comes in fulfillment to that demand, for there is something particularly striking about curved architecture from the Leaning Tower of Pisa or simply, the Tower of Pisa to the Roman Colosseum and others, all eye-catching and attracting a lot of spectators worldwide. The following are rounded facades perks:

  1. Freeform Design

The freeform design of a rounded façade is eye-catching and unconventional likewise:

  • With rounded facades you can always be at the forefront of pioneering architecture and will continually see new ways to innovate.
  • Developing a strong and durable fiber cement panel for curved architecture is just another exciting way to innovate.
  • The nature of the fiber cement material means it is incredibly versatile.
  • While still damp, the fiber cement takes on the form similar to that of papier-mâché, which allows it to be molded and shaped.
  • From this, all rounded facades for curved architecture can be born.
  1. Comfortable fit

Rounded facades fit comfortably on a building’s exterior, adding depth, texture and dimension likewise:

  • The versatility of fiber cement material allows it to wrap around the exterior of the building like a second skin, protecting it against the elements.
  • This offers countless opportunities for architects to get creative in how they use space and curves.
  • Not to mention its visual appeal – the eye moves easily along curved architecture, appreciating its wholeness and the absence of harsh lines.
  1. Eye-catching, but not out of place

Rounded facades are timeless likewise:

  • While curved architecture has a contemporary feel, architects have been experimenting with curves since ancient times (think Roman Colosseum and Pisa Tower!)
  • And for many, curved architecture is an opportunity to make a statement while simultaneously blending into the surrounding environment.
  • No matter how much time passes, the twists and curves of rounded facades adapt to the environment as it evolves.
  • Rounded facades are eye-catching, but not out of place.
  1. Functional, as well as visual

There is something particularly striking about curved architecture. In cities full of straight lines and harsh edges, as with all fiber cement panels, rounded facades are:

  • Fire-safe
  • Sustainable
  • All-weather resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Come in an unrivaled range of colors and designs
  • Rounded facades are available in a maximum format size of 3020 x 1220mm but can be cut to size as per the client’s cutting list.
  1. Out of the Box

Get in touch today with experts of rounded facades innovators to unleash your creativity and start thinking outside the box for:

  • These experts aren’t just a supplier of premium fiber cement cladding products.
  • They provide tailored services and project management to bring your project to life.
  • So, what are you waiting for to carry on with the immediate usability and functionality of these innovative, tailored rounded facades for curved architecture?
  • These rounded facades for curved architecture are unusually good.

Ultimately, the appropriate cladding material to use depends on the orientation of your building and surrounding environment, whether it’s located in the city, beach, and the façade itself. Speaking to an architect and designer will play an important role in correct material selection as they’ll know the constraints of the materials and requirements.

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