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Just like people, buildings only get one chance to make a good impression and this starts on the outside with the façade, so why not make sure that your project showcases your knowledge, creativity, and personal taste!”

SVK has been active in the international construction market since 1905 with its range of fiber cement façade panels. Their panels consists of cement, PVA fibers, filler fibers, cellulose fibers and water.

Their products are strong and versatile which is perfect for facade or roofing. They are double pressed during the production process. This ensures that their materials are very durable, which gives it a long lifeSVK also has its own paint preparation. In this way, they always guarantee the highest quality and can easily create specific project colors.

The panels offer countless possibilities when it comes to sizes and shapes. Creativity and technical feasibility often conflict. However, with the SVK Façade Panels, there are no longer any limits to creativity.

“Colors mean LIFE”

With grey colors, you can never go wrong. However, by combining colors, you can reach new insights and achieve unique combinations.

“Put colors next to each other and dare to combine them.”

SVK Products: