We provide comprehensive solutions for external designs. We use high-quality products which act as a protective shield for exteriors which increases the shelf life of the facade. Our products gives a vibrant and elegant look to a dull exterior.

  • Equitone Fiber Cement Façade Material
  • Parklex Wood Cladding
  • SVK Fiber Cement Façade Material
  • Prodema Wood Cladding
  • Xyltech WPC Decking
  • Wooden WPC Cladding and Decking


We carry the expertise in making the right choice for your interior design requirements. Our unique designs with high-quality products will enhance the look of your interiors by restoring the complete functionality of the space.

  • Parklex Wood Cladding
  • Equitone Fiber Cement Material
  • Wooden WPC Cladding


Our Acoustics experts can help plan & build sound projects for you leaving you happy and satisfied.

  • Decustik Wood Acoustic Panels